HELP!!! I Told My Wife That The DNA Result Of Our Kids Will Be Ready Tomorrow & This Happened


I’m married with 2 kids, a boy, and a girl but I trust my wife that is why I have never thought of anything like a DNA test, I didn’t do the blood group of my kids to know if they carried my blood group because I know my wife will never bring another man’s kids for me. My wife do tell me what’s happening at her office, how some of her colleagues are dating their bosses in the office.

When I saw DNA trending on Twitter, I clicked on it where I read the sad news of Mr. Tunde Thomas who died after he discovered that the two kids he thought he was their biological father belong to his Wife’s boss, Mr. Adam Nuru of FCMB Bank.

I couldn’t sleep that night, I concluded that the next for me is to do the DNA test for my two kids to confirm that I’m their biological father.

Immediately my wife left Home today, thank God schools have closed till further notice, I took my kids to our family hospital to run a DNA test, and the Doctor told me the results will be ready tomorrow.

When my wife arrived this evening, I told her that, the DNA results of our kids will be ready tomorrow.

My wife told me that immediately I bring the results home tomorrow and the results confirmed that I’m their biological father, she will leave my house immediately.

Please, Should I tell her I’m just joking or wait for the DNA result?


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